Deletion via Rules Engine

Being able to delete from Objects in SFDC and MDA via the rules engine. We all understand that this is a risky feature to deploy. But there are some use cases that are compelling enough to warrant this request. Any please post your use cases below in the comments and like this post if you support this feature.
Sam - I agree. Currently we support INSERT, UPDATE or UPDATE & INSERT but DELETE or DELETE & INSERT are very much required.

Good use case is around mapping tables or bridge tables which are well maintained the customers DW and they just want to be synchronized to the same one in Gainsight.
I like this idea. 

A good use case would be where customers use an MDA table to track historical changes (week over week, for example) by copying data from SFDC on a specific cadence. 

After some period of time, older historical data needs to be purged and doing this via a rule makes a ton of sense.
We are starting to work on support for these kind of actions within MDA.  We are starting with making sure we have a way to understand how the change needs to be propagated.  We want to make sure to handle any referential integrity (don't orphan items).
This would be a huge win for us, allowing for automatic maintenance of app/usage data based on account conditions in Salesforce.

Specifically, I'd like to be able to delete certain rows of data that meet specified conditions (this could also be accomplished by inserting null values into MDA tables). Additionally, I want to be able to delete specific rows that meet specified criteria (ID x, for example).
This would be big for us.

Our use case is for CoPilot - we don't want to maintain continually growing MDA table for daily outreach. We'd like to clear out the old data so we only maintain the data we need for the jobs. 

The table could get huge - we're pulling in contacts.There's no value to us to keep this data ongoing.

Right now, we're looking at manually purging the data.
Hi Daniel,

I'm curious about the use case you mentioned above. It sounds like you might be creating a custom MDA table with data that you use for an outreach. Is that because a standard powerlist won't work for your needs?
Yes, would have loved to use standard powerlist functionality. 

There are a couple of reasons - if there is a different solution then I'd like to hear it.

We are stitching together data points across multiple record types for template tokens. Dataspaces won't suffice either.

On top of account attributes, we're filtering for contacts that have a specific Account Relationship type (not to be confused with Gainsight relationships, these are Contact to Account Relationship types, like Admin or Named Caller). 

I've provided my CSM with the design spec if you're interested. It's changed a bit but essentially, it's all there.
Gotcha. Makes sense that you went the MDA approach. That was required in the standard CoPilot tool, but with the new Advanced Outreaches, you can add participants using the more advanced Query Builder - this basically lets you leverage the power of Bionic rules to create any amalgam of data across SFDC and MDA data objects as well as perform advanced merges, transformations, pivots and filters. 

Check out this article with more details:

I think this might be a cleaner way to achieve what you did previously with building custom tables. 
Thanks! Last I looked at Advanced Outreach, it was limited to Surveys.
This feature would be huge for us. We use the custom MDA report in our C360 to highlight errors in our clients' dashboards that need fixing. The errors usually are resolved same day. Once the fix is complete the data needs to go so new errors can be brought in the next day. 
Any news about this feature?

This is really needed!

We are implementing a rule to load our Prospect Customers from Salesforce into Gainsight, whenever they have an opportunity at 90%.

Loading is simple, we already have a rule for that, the issue comes when we want to remove those Prospect Customers from Gainsight if the opportunity is lost.

Right now we cannot move forward with the rule implementation unless we have a way to "clean" the prospect accounts from Gainsight. :(

Hi Ana, I believe our Support team can recommend ways to remove the data, so you may want to reach out to them at This is still not yet possible with rules.
Thanks Lila, I already did!

The alternative is to use SFDC Data Loader, which is not an easy alternative for us, as we are not SFDC admins.

And deleting one by one in the Customers tab, is also not a viable alternative.

We will probably drop this requirement for now, as having all the prospects in Gainsight causes entropy.

Hi Team, 


Do we have this feature this year;’s roadmap? 




Is there any plan of implementing this? This is very useful feature and has been openfor quite some time now