Deleting Timeline Activities

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How do I delete a timeline activity? I can't change the type of activity once I've logged it either.
+1 We're getting requests to also be able to change the activity type once created.
+1 this seems to be an obvious feature that should be included for Timeline.  Especially to delete Activities that were accidentally logged or in the wrong account. It's odd that you can only delete a Timeline Activity if it is an "Update" but not if it is a "Call" or "Email". 
Agreed! This seems like it should be a basic functionality of the timeline activities because there will undoubtedly be situations where a CSM needs to edit the type of activity or delete it if they posted to the wrong account or something. 

Is this being considered? 
Hi Manmeet, You can delete any Activity created by you, you cannot delete the Activities created by others. Please let us know if you still face any issue in deleting your own Activities .
Hi Heather, We can change the Activity type from Admin>Activities>Select the custom Activity Type you want to edit(but this is only possible if you have access to admin page).

We cannot delete the Activity type,if there are any Activities/Drafts in consumption areas.

Correct me if I am missing anything 
What I'm hearing is that I accidentally logged an activity as Update, but I actually should have logged it as Meeting.  Once I've logged it, I can edit it, but I can't edit the type of activity that it was originally created as.  So, I can't change it from Update to Meeting.
Hi Nurah, We cannot delete standard Activity types like Update, Call, Meeting and Email. We can only delete custom Activity types. 

We can also delete the Activity from consumption area. 

I am sorry for the inconvenience.Yes you cannot change the Activity once it is logged. We will consider this as enhancement request. Thanks for posting your comments.
I am sorry for the inconvenienceYes you cannot change the Activity once it is logged. We will consider this as enhancement request. Thanks for posting your comments.
I created a custom Activity Type that I named "Escalation", and I myself added this activity but I cannot delete it. It was a test activity that I had added to test it, but now it seems like its stuck there forever :-\

Hi Sai,

I checked again and it allows me to delete the Activities now. Strange though, when I was trying the other day it wouldn't allow me or the other Admin to delete our Activites from Timeline. Not sure what was causing that but looks fine now.

Is there any plan to allow for changing the Activity type for Activities that were already logged? 
This activity is created from CTA and it will be deleted from CTA Timeline only.

To give more context, we are working towards solving use-cases like -

1. making it easy to edit/ delete activities from all places (e.g. activities created from CTA should be editable/ deletable from 360).

2. giving access to few users like admin, account owner, etc. to edit all activities of the account.

We will also think more about giving the ability to change activity types.

I will keep you posted as we make more progress in this direction.


Hi Nurah, Your point makes complete sense .I am changing this request into idea post .
Another use case to add to this is when a Timeline Activity (with Tasks) generates a new CTA in Cockpit, that if you delete the Timeline Activity it doesn't remove the CTA from Cockpit (Only deletes the task underneath the CTA). Or, if you delete the CTA from Cockpit, it doesn't delete the Timeline Activity that initially created the CTA.

It would be great if you could delete from one place and it deletes across the board. Right now, the I have to delete them in both the Timeline and in Cockpit. 
We can not delete CTA on deletion of Activity because CTA can contain tasks which are not created from Activity.

Activity is not deleted on CTA deletion because Activity has already happened and user might be interested to see in Timeline irrespective of CTA deleted or present.
Just so I'm 100% understanding this, as of today, only the Timeline activity creator him/herself can delete their activities? Meaning a Gainsight Admin for instance does not have the ability to delete activities on behalf of other CSMs? This seems to be the case after doing some testing, but I want to make sure I'm understanding correctly.
That's correct. 
Can we UNdelete an activity? Help! I accidentally deleted a post with valuable information. 
Hai Randy, Sorry, we can't undelete an activity. 
Another use case:

I just tested a new Email Assist template, which pushed the email to that Account's Timeline. I can't delete it.
Correction: I deleted the CTA, and the activity disappeared.
Look forward to more updates on this.  People make mistakes and we need a way to help resolve them when brought to Ops attention.
I'd like to resurface this request as I had some CSM turnover this year and it would better enable the new CSMs to be able to own the narrative. Even the CSM could request that an admin could delete the timeline activity so that the new CSM could reenter the information that would be useful.

@nitisha_rathi - what are your thoughts on allowing an admin to edit and/or delete entries created by others?