Default value selection isn't appearing on Success plan

Hi Team,


Customer wants to auto populate the default value selection on Success plan creation. On the success plan config we don’t see default value selection just like how we observe on CTA config. Can we implement this?

@abhi1289 thank you for bringing this up here. We have working on Success plans 2.0, hope it can be considered  there. Just to confirm sharing with the product team. 

Currently, admin cannot define a default value in layout of Success Plan type . Could you please elaborate the use case. We will follow the thread for upvotes which will help us prioritise for future roadmaps.

Use case for this is that we have a dropdown field created in data management, with a default value set.

We have created a field in success plan, and associated the dropdown list to the field.

When we add the field on to a success plan, we expect that the default value, which is already set in data management, would be set on the field when the user creates a success plan.


We would like to see where a default value is set in a dropdown list, that this value applies to any associated fields within Gainsight.


Please let me know if this helps, or if you need more information.


Thank you


Thank you for explaining the use case. More upvotes will us prioritise the feature for future roadmaps.

@Anil Raj Pujari Is there any update on this? This does not sound like a feature, it sounds like a bug. If a default is configured on the drop down, would it not be considered a bug when that default is not applied when creating a record in a specific product area?