Default Rule Name Section in Rules Engine to Show Entire Rule Name

Hi all,

Within the Horizon Analytics version of Rules Engine, it’s nice to be able to expand the Rule Name section to see the entire name of the rule without having to wait for the tooltip to pop up when moving your cursor over it. However, when I drag the bar over to see the entire name and then switch to a different folder, it reverts back to its default position and I have to move the section line again. It would be nice to have this auto default to show the entire rule name in Rules Engine and when switching between folders if possible. Thanks!

May I vote for this 50,000 times?  This was not a great design choice.

Yes, and please, and thank you.

The Rule Name is a critical element of navigation. Because many of our environments have (rightfully) strong naming conventions, the truncation of the Rule Name slows speedy forward progress.

Screenshot...the rule names are truncated.  As is the “Used In” column.  This really removes the ability to identify rules and make “at a glance” selections, especially when you have similarly named rules.  Please either expand these columns or add word wrapping so that we can see the whole thing in the pane without having to hover.

@sai_ram @rakesh may you get some eyes on this?  Thx!

Applies to Rule Chains too: 


May I vote for this 50,000 times?  This was not a great design choice.

LOL - We laugh so we don’t cry! Status button does not need the same real estate as the others. Pretty frustrating for we admins that adhere to naming syntax’s. +50,000

+1, I constantly find myself resizing the name column anytime I’m in Rules Engine. 

+1, I’m constantly finding myself resizing the name column anytime I’m in Rules Engine. 

Everyday and always.

@sai_ram May you please raise this to the product team’s attention? Thank you!

I personally would love to be able to reorder and include/exclude columns that I want to see. I don’t need “Used In” and I can barely see the column for status of SUCCESS/FAIL which seems like the most critical column. 

@sai_ram May you please raise this to the product team’s attention? Thank you!

@darkknight with the product team now. 

@Cornelia my understanding is that Sai has moved on from GS - may you please enlist someone form the Product team to respond to this post and give us a timeframe on when this will be rectified? this carries over into Rule Chains as well. Every time I go to access Rules Engine or Rule Chains the first thing I have to do is expand the view, which is very tiresome and unnecessary.  Surely this is something that can be rectified fairly easily in a near-term release?




YESSSSSSSSS! A x1000 times yes!  Any admin worth their salt is using a standardized Syntax.


And Re-Hyperlink the Rules in the Rule Chain View - PLEASE! (Separate but equal gripe)

Hello @darkknight, sure. Escalating this for a response at the earliest. 

Hi All,

Apologies for the delay,

I do not think its a great idea for rule name column to default to the entire size of the rule name field. Entirety of the rule listing will be covered with rule name field only with this.

But that being said, I do understand the problem here. One thing I want to add is that you can, today, resize the rule name column in rules listing page. Today, we do not preserve this action when you reload the page. However, we can preserve this action going forward like how we do in report listing or dashboard listing today. 



And Re-Hyperlink the Rules in the Rule Chain View - PLEASE! (Separate but equal gripe)

I’d like to understand this one a bit more Dave. Is it when you are creating a rule chain? 

@rakesh We already know you can resize manuallly resize the column. Preserving the action would be appreciated, but in addition can we meet in the middle and have you at least double the width of the first column by default?  Perhaps you can use some of the wasted space that is occupied by the Status button.  I really don’t think expanding the width of the first column by default is going to obscure the rules information too much (especially if you move the Last Run Status to be the first column by default immediately after the Status button, which is really where it should be.)



  Moving Last Run Status


Can I also add that truncating values in a field seems to be a universal problem now? Please fix this but look at where else this kind of behavior shows up and address it as well.

Agree with @bradleymcg 

I had edited my previous comment but I suppose I failed to save it. 


This is about the UI working for the user in the most efficient way possible, by default, with the fewest clicks.  Yes, some folks may want to customize which is why saving the changes would be helpful, but I am willing to bet more often than not Admins need to see the whole rule name by default, and then if they need to see who created the rule, for example, that’s where the slide-scroll is useful.

What good is having all the other columns displayed in the view if you cannot tell to which Rule they apply?  @rakesh Making use of data in the additional columns is wholly dependent on knowing which with rule you are working.  They are useless if you cannot first identify the rule name.

I urge to you rethink displaying the full rule name by default.  Anyone who wants to shorten it can make use of state preservation.


I also urge you to consider reorganizing the columns in a more logical way by default, for example:



As another example, the “Used In” column in Rules is rather embarrassing. I have expanded it as wide as physically possible and it still looks like….this:



It’s as if different people made the different columns even in the same area of Rules in a vacuum which is just madness.

How soon is this fix coming?   So annoying.