Default note templates for certain activity types

The adoption of Note Templates currently relies on the end user to hit the "Apply Template" button, which is an extra click that might take users some time to incorporate into their workflow, especially if the template acts as more of a prescriptive guide than an immediate time saver. In order to drive consistent adoption and standardization across CSM teams, it would be helpful if admins could configure a default template to be pre-applied to certain Activity Types so it's not optional for end users.

Would also be cool if default templates could be populated based on selections in required dropdown lists. For example, a specific product line/module is selected, then a specific template for that module appears. This might be too complex but one can dream :)


I am looking for a default assignment of a template based on the Activity Type. Though @ana_g went above and beyond to make it excellent.

This would be super useful for more structured activities with dedicated types, like QBR’s or ABR’s where you’ve got an extensive template that you know should be used.