Default new Dashboards to Private

Posting on Behalf of a customer here.


Currently whenever someone in the company creates a test dashboard it's instantly being showed publicly to all users and it leads to confusion and a clutter of dashboards for everyone in the company.


Also when companies are sensitive to who sees what dashboards, it is easy to be unaware of what material is showing in dashboards upon creation.


Suggestion would be to have dashboards private by default and then made public or shared with team members.






To piggy back on this idea. A created by field would also be very helpful to identify who has created a Custom Dashboard.



How’s this going guys? Our drop-down dashboard selectors are starting to get really cluttered. I’m looking forward seeing this improvement in production :)

Once a new dashboard is created, making it private first before adding any widgets can help address concerns of sensitive information getting exposed or clutter of dashboards within the org.
Some organisations might prefer having dashboards public by default.
Thus, we will provide an admin settings option in the near future to chose the default permission of new dashboards created to suit their organisation needs.