Deactivate Playbooks

Would be great if there was a way to deactivate a playbook. We're getting to the point where we need to do some clean up of our playbooks, and we don't want to delete them because a) we then lose reporting on them and b) we might need them again. Would like to be able to move them to an inactive state where they would still be there, but they wouldn't show up in the list when selecting one for a CTA, etc.
Hi Heather,

Interesting idea. We will definitely look into it.


Yes we have just documented ours in a Google doc for posterity and then deleted the Playbook. This would be a nice addition.
Will this be happening any time soon?
Doing some more playbook clean up, and this as well as Deactivating Playbooks are on my mind again.  Just wanted to put this back on the radar.
I am deleting all of our Playbooks as part of CTA's as we have found them to be too cumbersome.  Sadly, we have to build each task to build a CTA new, and then delete the old, since one a CTA is created and assigned a playbook you do not have the ability to Delete the Playbook from the Rules Engine.

YES - THIS IS A BIG NEED. We have so many playbooks!!!

@All, Yep, maintaining too many playbooks is really a cumbersome task. Making playbooks inactive is in our near term-road map.

I will post the good news here soon.

ooo!! I always LOVE good news! 😃 Thanks @sai_ram_pulluri

FYI @aushel

Any update on this @sai_ram ?

We will consider this as a part of the playbook revamp that is being tentatively planned to be delivered in next two quarters. Thanks.

Hi @sriram pasupathi , Playbook deactivation introduced in NXT instance but not into SFDC edition or am i missing. Any update what’s current for both tenants?

@Cornelia @sai_ram 

@narayanan_s That’s correct. We currently have the ability to make playbook inactive in NXT edition but not SFDC edition. We don’t have plans to have this in SFDC edition.