Dated Currency Conversions - Multicurrency

Salesforce supports advanced currency management that allows users to manage dated exchange rates within opportunities. Dated exchange rates allow one to map a conversion rate to a specific date range. Based on the start date and end date for a given conversion rate, a closed opportunity amount would differ even while using the same currency. 


Some of our customers have requested for this feature, it’s good to include this feature in our product as well.


@phaneendhar_lingam thank you for bringing this up. I will share this with the product team.

@phaneendhar_lingam Currently its not in our roadmap. We will consider this on future based on customer interest.

We would need this, we are looking at turning on currency management (and buying Renewal Centre) but we change our FX rates on a quarterly basis, so without dated FX rates in GS it would mean that a GBP deal worth $X and booked in Q1, would show a different closing value when we’re in Q2. Which means across a book of business with a variety of currencies it contributes more/less as a % and therefore changes the Net/Gross % achievements.