Date Formats CoPilot

Can we add the ability to show a date format in CoPilot that looks like July 1, 2016.  As it stands now if we try to show the natural format it puts in a time stamp or looks like 1 July 2016.  
It would be great to see this for dates, as well as numbers.

Ideally any solution would be able to take the contact's location into account for proper formatting based on their expectations.
Totally agree - for the US - the most likely format of the date seems to be missing (only option includes time as well).  This came up with another customer last week.
Coming in our October release:  Support for <MMMM DD, YYYY> date format in Email Templates: While adding tokens in email templates, you will be able to insert date value in <MMMM DD, YYYY> format.
Been wondering about this for a while! Glad to see its implemented and so easy to use.
Hi, Following up on Jeffrey Coleman's comment regarding a solution that take the contact's location into account for proper formatting - is this on the Roadmap outside of email templates? Our EMEA based CSMs have asked if the date can be formatted in CTAs in DD/MM/YYYY format. 
And that is preferred over MMMM DD, YYYY (i.e. July 14th, 2017)? I ask because our EMEIA team has been accepting of it written out like this. They were not accepting of the US style MM/DD/YYYY.