Date Filters in Email Variants

The advanced logic for email variant filters is great! We have been able to simplify our email processes significantly with them.

However, I would suggest making date fields available as options to filter by. We have variants of an email that simply need to be filtered by whether a date field is populated or not. I haven't seen this possibility anywhere, but I am more than happy to be proven wrong.
Hey Britton,

This came across me today in support, it doesn't seem to be possible at this time. Seems like this post is under consideration though!
Saw this come up in a chat with a customer today.  Any thoughts on if/when we might be able to get this functionality?

Just curious if there is any update on if/when this might be available? 


Any update on the possibility of this being implemented? This came up again in support today. 

Hello! Is there any update on this idea?

Hi @leah.myers 

Can you explain the usecase & the desired behaviour with some details.