Date Filter to end at TODAY

My Onboarding team thought it would be useful to be abel to create custom dynamic date ranged that go from a specificed start date to (TODAY). This way the filters, widgets, reports, would always be up-to-date.


The predefined timeframes do this, but the fexibiliy of any start date until today, would be helpful.

@JPKelliher thank you for sharing your request here. Let me check this with the product team and get back to you. 

Hi @JPKelliher 
Thank for your suggestion. Curious, given your request above, how often would you change the specified start date?

@Chandu  That is a good question. For this use case, the timeframe usually has a single start date define dwhen the report is created, and a future end date (or in many cases no end date). Our Onboarding team just wants to see the activity from x date until today. This is to see if an account that started 3 weeks ago has been active, or touched a particular feature that we see as necessary in their Onboarding process.


So, ultimately, the start date would be set when the report was created, and the end date would be updated to TODAY every time the report is opened.

Thank you @JPKelliher for the detail. What I was trying to get to is will the specified start date become more than 6 months from TODAY, at any given point of time?

@Chandu it definitely could run beyond 6 months. I would think that tracking of this sort should be up to a year. Most licenses run annually, so tracking activity would ideally go up to twelve months.