Data Designer Refresh Data Set Feedback

It’s very time consuming to have to refresh the dataset when I change the schedule.  Example: I was creating a new dataset, went to Explore, did the data refresh, went to configure while that was running and set a schedule, then, went back to the main Data Designer page to check something.  While I was there, the dataset finished running.  Needed to make a change to the schedule, went to update it, went back to the Explore, and was required to refresh the dataset to save a report.  Had to wait for the dataset to refresh again before I could proceed.  Would be nice if there was some sort of logic that looked at what was changed to decide if the dataset really needed a refresh.  So, changes to the objects, fields, merges, etc. - refresh.  Changes to the schedule - no refresh.  If that’s not doable, maybe a prompt asking if I want to, and still allowing me to proceed with what I’m doing if I select No.

This also happens if I change the description of the Data Designer, or open anything in edit without making changes.  Not very user friendly for building reports in Data Designer.

100% agree that having to refresh the DD even though nothing was changed with the datasets is frustrating. I recently experienced an issue where after refreshing, the screen auto-redirected to the DD homepage. When I clicked back into the DD I was working on, I was prompted again to refresh. This was a never ending loop that I ended up abandoning.