Data Designer Date Filter by Fiscal Year

In Data Designer, you can filter by Calendar Year and Quarter but not Fiscal. This would be great to have by Fiscal as we have our FY from 2/1 - 1/31 instead of calendar.


In reporting, this can be done on FY so would be great to have this in DD filtering as well

@andreammelde thank you for sharing it here, as per my knowledge we have this in our road-map.

I will cross check once again with Product team and ask them to leave a comment here. 

Hi @andreammelde 

I will explore more around this one with the team.

Meanwhile, there is a common workaround with SFDC's Period object.



[SFDC Edition or Hybrid] I’ve had to make use of the Period object and bring in a column that represents the start of the period that contains Jan 1 of the current year and Jan 1 of the next year and then filter on whatever date I have >= Jan 1 of current year and < Jan 1 of next year. Takes a little effort to get it right. It’s also a little easier if you are using Fiscal Year instead of Calendar Year because the period object usually contains fiscal periods.

We would really benefit from this feature as well - hope it is being implemented soon!

Could really use this as well!

Workaround AvailableIN DEVELOPMENT

Would love this feature, commenting to get updates @rakesh