Dashboards: Add ability for users to dynamically widen or narrow reports to view results

End users want the ability to widen a report that exists on a dashboard if the data populated on the report appears a bit too cramped.  Similar to how an admin can widen or narrow the default size of the container in Layouts, give end users the ability to widen or narrow the container size when they view the dashboard if they want to make the view larger or smaller for themselves.  Bonus points if you can make it sticky! 
Hey Jeff,

One feature that we are thinking through is the ability to open a report from dashboard in a new tab. I think this will satisfy your usecase. Timing for this capability is TBD. 


Looks like end users can widen columns now in dashboards but would be nice if it were sticky.
Hi Sumesh! Is this still under consideration? If yes, what would be the expected launch date?

Wow it’s been 4 years. Is there an ETA on this? It seems like a fairly basic request that any end user would want. 

@sumesh @sai_ram any ETA on making the column widths sticky for end users? Also opening the report in a new tab or even expanding it to full screen similar to Adoption Explorer?


Column width being sticky for end-users is not coming in short term but with the new horizon reporting, CSM’s can expand the report to a full-screen view similar to that of AE. 

@rakesh what’s the release date for that?

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