Dashboard global filters using OR logic

While doing a bit of troubleshooting on behalf of a customer, I've noted that we cannot seem to use an "OR" logic on "Global Filters" in a dashboard.

What I mean by this is if I have a dashboard with four reports, all of which have the same two common filters using OR logic, I would be good to have the common filter on the dashboard reflect "A OR B" logic when applying the filters at the Global level.
Hi Tom,

We are completely redesigning the way global dashboard filters work so that you can build a filter that works across reports built off different objects that may be sitting in the same or different sources (MDA , SFDC). Also, in this design, you may apply the filter to only some of the reports on the dashboard or all reports. A global filter overrides any report level filter on the same attribute already present in the report or an additional filter is created. However multiple global filters on the same report are by default applied using AND logic. Do you see the need for and OR logic in the new implementation described above ? Can you provide concrete use cases where you would need that between two global filters so that we can consider that in the future versions ?


Hi Venky.

Here is a use case where we need OR condition in dashboard filters.

We have opportunities that are managed in co-ownership. The AE is the Opp.Owner and the CSM is the Opp.Co-Owner (custom opp field). 

I created reports that shows this data properly using this OR condition:  

Owner=CSM <OR> Co-Owner =CSM

But when I create a dashboard based on these reports it doesn't let me use the OR condition only AND, which is not what I need.


This makes a complete sense Einat. We will plan that in future versions. 
+1 on this.  I have to create 2 dashboards to serve the purpose of one.
Any new updates on this front? I find this to be a huge inconvenience in many use cases. 
We want this so the same dashboard can show data related to CSMs or their managers.
Hi Tom,

We are shipping includes operator capability in (string & ID) filter this release. Includes would work with dashboard filters as well as reporting filters.

For the cases where there is a need for "OR" logic on a single field, Includes operator would solve it.

@rakesh Any thoughts to include “OR” Logic if we want to reference multiple fields?