Dashboard Co-Owners in PX

Hello dear PX Community,

I think that it would be really useful to have the option of selecting “Dashboard Co-Owners” in PX, especially for companies having more then a few stake holders dedicated to in-product analytics. In my opinion, this “Co-Owner” role should mainly be able to:

  • change Global filters such as time period observed and similar
  • add widgets on the Dashboard
  • but should not be able to delete widgets from the Dashboard which were not added by that same person

One of the benefits of this approach would be, for example, not having to clone every dashboard just to change the time frame on a certain graph.

The global filters for PX dashboards are yet to be implemented and I fully agree that they are necessary - posts related to this necessity were written 9+ months ago on link1 and link2. Please let me know was there any progress on these ideas too.

I see these two “features” very much related because I would suggest that Dashboard Co-Owners are allowed to change Global filters of a certain dashboard (like written above) - but I would not give this person the permission to change “specific filters” on widgets which were not added by the same person on the same dashboard. Of course, I’m assuming that Global filters would not have the same set of filters which a specific widget has (excluding here filters like “time period” which is an absolute necessity both for Global filters and for currently available specific-widget-filters).

@dorian_cudina Intersting idea, thanks for the detail explanation and happy for adding the other links here. Redirecting this to our product team for more visibility. 


Hi @dorian_cudina 
Thank you for your post.
Let me revisit this request after Global Filters are rolled out in the next few releases.

Thank you guys, I’ll be looking forward to it! :)

Co-owners or a competing option would be to give more ownership transfer options. As it stands today only an admin can take ownership of all content from a user. It would be really nice if ownership of items can be passed by users who own the content. As well as admins who can force move ownership to other users. 



It would be great if the PX permissions could be something more similar to CS’s ones. 

Any updates on this? It’s quite frustrating to be limited to 1 dashboard owner with editor rights. Beyond preventing internal collaboration, this can result in delays delivering relevant dashboard data, as only one PX user/owner has the rights to edit the Dashboard to add any new content. In the best of circumstances, this could be minor, but if the owner is out for any extended period of time, this can be problematic, requiring either recreation of the dashboard by a new owner or possibly support assistance. 

@Molly.McQ - I recently noticed that you can share a dashboard with people and grant them edit rights.

Thanks so much, @mmarques!