Customize CTA Integrated Hashtags

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I want to be able to customize the hashtags that are automatically populated in a chatter feed within a CTA.  Currently the two hashtags that auto-populate are #Gainsight-Cockpit and #CTA_Name. I want to add #Account_name.
Hi Ryan, 

Chatter is usually on the CTA itself or the Account the CTA belong to. Since the context of the Account is already available, what additional value do you get with the #Account_Name tag?

Do you search and find posts against an account using the #Account_Name tag? Any other reason why #Account_Name tag will be helpful?
Hi Sidhu,

This would primarily be used for exec communication.  They want to know what account is being mentioned right away from their chatter email notification rather than digging for it.  Right now our CSMs are manually entering it in .