Customizable Sponsor Tracking Card

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Hi team,

Currently, "Role" and "Location" appear hard coded onto Sponsor Tracking cards. If some form of location field is not present within the "Configure Card View" of the C360 section, the fourth field that is pulled into the Card view will appear as the "Location" of that contact.

Is it possible to remove or modify the Role and/or Location text that appears hard coded on the Contact Card?

It would be great to have the ability to add more than four fields on the sponsor tracking card and to customize the fields we want to use--especially if currently only limited to four.  

My first ask would be to have more than four fields allowed, and second would be the ability to choose other fields besides those hard coded, like Location.  This way I do not have to build another contact report for the CSMs.  They will be able to have the e-mail, phone, and other additional SFDC fields on the contact record utilized in one place.
+ one on Renee's asks, e.g. we would use a custom field to indicate whether the contact is certified on our product and on the version they're certified on. We also use Datahug (a Gainsight partner) and would like to view the "Hugrank" of the contact we're tracking.