Customised Due date in CTA creation

While creating a CTA via a rule or manually we can either hardcore a Duedate or make it filled with the run date + N days. However if we have an ability to choose any date field from Company object like renewal date/Contract end date to be filled in the due date section of the Cockpit it would be super helpful

Issue: Right now we can only assign a hard core number of days to the duedate in the CTA layout

Idea: Ability to customise the duedate with any date field value available in the Company object.

Example: While creating renewal CTAs an ability to customise the due date with the upcoming renewal date.


@shivani thank you for sharing your request here. I think we still should show the run data even after choosing the field, because the value in the field is not known to the user while configuring. 

@shivani is renewal date a custom date field?

@sriram pasupathi Yes, it is coming from the  Company object data fetch

Thanks for the clarification @shivani. We don’t have anything planned on this immediately but we will watch out for upvotes for this feature.