Customer ARR in the C360 Summary should display revenue in the 10M as Millions not as 10,000k

The Customer ARR widget in the C360 summary displays revenue in the 10M as "10,000k". This is strange looking and is inconsistent with the way that ARR is displayed in the Cockpit (which displays the value as 10M). The C360 widget should display the value in millions, not tens of thousands.


Thanks Sarah. We are expected to launch similar summary widgets in dashboard expected for the July release, which will auto-scale to K, M, B. We will then look to add these capabilities in C360 and likely in general report columns (however here will be configurable). thx
Dashboard summary widgets seem to work properly, showing for example 5.96M instead of 5,960K.

However C360 summary section (side bar at least) is still giving incorrect format and that's becoming very confusing. Firstly, it's confusing by itself to have 5,960K instead of 5.96M but now it's more confusing since different parts of Gainsight are showing completely different formats (Dashboard in this case).

I hope you understand what I'm trying to say :)

Is there any fix for C360 summary section format under way?
Alen, agree with what your saying. We first worked on it for widgets given the space limitations. We have better formatting planned across reports, but likely it will only happen post our January release. 
Thanks Gaurav, looking forward to that.
My team is also experiencing the same issue for our Enterprise accounts and their CSMs, almost all of which are in excess of 1MM making the ARR section of the 360 somewhat confusing. Would appreciate different formatting here. 

Additionally, are any other admins able to change the currency in the 360 ARR view? If the currency is Yen, GBP, Euro, it only shows the $ sign which is of course incorrect for our Global accounts. Thank you!
Additional request from Janet at HPE:

Make formatting across C360 and R360 summary widgets and summary fields the same - currently each behaves differently (in C360 appears as $k, in R360 summary just as numbers with decimals [no aggregation], and in R360 summary field appears as K but with no $). 

Can we make all of these consistent so currencies show up as expected (with $, and aggregated at the right level depending if it's K,M, or B) 

Thanks ,

Gaurav, I changed this to an Idea post since it's an enhancement request, rather than a bug. Let me know if you prefer to track it differently.

Can we have this reopened for enhancement in coming days or is it achieved after multi currency enablement?


@narayanan_s This enhancement will not be covered as a part of multi-currency enablement. This is dependent on the number format that is set in Gainsight.

@gopal_rao_kallepu I believe this is already handled. Could you confirm?

No @pgeorge, we do not have this capability right now. We are planning to add this formatting flexibility soon at widget level. Will share more details here once we pick this up.