Customer 360: Add customized search options to bare C360 page

I discovered today while poking around the February release that if I go to the following link:  https://URLtoGainsight/apex/customersuccess360  it will take me to a screen that looks like this:

This is great actually, because people are always asking me how to get to the C360 page and I have to remind them it is via the Customer tab, searching for the customer and clicking on the customer name.

But even though I have configured advanced search options on the C360 page to include Account Number (and it works when I am on a populated C360 page) the advanced option does not seem to work from this screen.

It would be great if we could have that function work here as well, because this could be a shortcut for our CSMs who have the account number memorized to quickly pull up an account page.
I believe this is a bug and engineering is working on it.

I am glad to tell you that this is implemented and will be in this month's release. 

Azhar - anything specific I need to do to enable this?  I still only have the ability to search by Customer Name from this generic C360 search page, even though I am able to search by either Customer Name or Account Number from the search box on a Customer's C360 page.
Bumping this to see if there is anything that needs to be done to enable this as I cannot get it to work.
This is added to version 5.0. If you are on 5.0+ you will get this by default. otherwise you'll have to wait till you get updated. 
This is still not working.  My Customer Search settings are as follows:

 I can search from an individual CS360 page and it displays both name and Account Number:

But searching from the standalone CS360 page it does not display account number:

Hi Jeff (and others experiencing this same issue),

I've created a separate community post in terms of honoring customer search settings within all areas of the product, including the home C360 page.

Feel free to follow along here: