Custom Headers/Footers for Email Templates

Would love the option to have a repository of custom headers and footers that could then be added to email templates. These could be legalese/privacy policy type things, or a set of hyperlinks to other resources, etc. Rather than having to recreate each time, or copy paste from previous templates, just being able to drag and drop within the editor would save time. Especially if there needs to be an update to the language, where it makes more sense to do it once for the many, rather than many for the one.

Yeah - like Snippets in Marketo emails. I am new to Gainsight email templates, but I feel like there is a layer missing - a template layer ABOVE the current template editor, that determines things like content container width, background color, a global logo header/address footer, etc etc.

I agree. I recently started working with Email Templates and immediately felt the need of custom Headers/Footers. Any improvement over existing Image editing/sizing will be great.

Hello All,
We are revamping our template building experience which will address this requirement as well. Please allow us to come back to you on update on this.