Custom date format for the token (date field) which was added in the Survey Question.


Hi Team,
The date format of the token added in the survey question is displaying in YYYY-mm-dd( instead of mm/dd/YYYY. When we built the report, the token value showing the date format in mm/dd/YYYY( We are able to reproduce the same in local org. 

Hi @Syam Sunder - This is by design. Can you please help elaborate the use case for allowing dates to be tokenized in various formats? This would help us place it in our roadmap appropriately.

We are sending a renewal reminder email to our customers before their renewal date.  The email contains the start and end date of their contract, the amount of the renewal, and the products being renewed.  The customer then clicks a survey link in the email to approve all details and the renewal or request to speak to a CSM, which triggers a CTA.  

The issue we are running into, and the use case for this request, is that we use the date format of MM/DD/YYYY for date fields in objects and use merge fields to consistently display the date in customer communications but the survey token only allows for the format of YYYY-MM-DD.  This results in an inconsistent and odd customer experience by displaying the same date in different formats throughout the renewal communication workflow (email, survey, and invoice). 

The source date format should be passed to token fields, similar to merge fields, to maintain a consistent formator we should have the ability to change the date format for token fields to be able to match our corporate standards and provide a consistent customer experience.  

Thank you for explaining your use case @jenniferpa - we will look into this. Meantime, we encourage others to upvote this so that we could prioritize this accordingly.