Custom connector Snow flake authentication issue.

Customer had created a Snowflake connection as Custom Connector to push the data from the Gainsight to the Snowflake DB.While authentication its getting failed.

Since Snowflake has a unique variation.They are expecting the client id and client secret to be sent in headers(Basic Authentication) instead of in the request body like most other OAuth clients. As of now we are not supporting sending client credentials in headers.

Hello @tejkumar, thank you for your post. We will have our Product Manger look into this and get back to you.

Hi @tejkumar,

Thanks for writing in. Can you please share tenant details for us to look into the issue?


@Neha Gupta 

I have shared the required details personally over the slack.


We checked it. It seems to be related to Connectors. Can you please check?

Thanks and regards,