Custom Colors On Reports Built Off Dataspaces

Customer is requesting that we have the ability to be able to change label colors for reports built off Dataspaces. 

For example, Passives are showing up Red and Detractors are showing up Green. This is quite confusing for the reps. 

Agree they should work with data spaces. Sharing with the team
Steve, while it's not been thoroughly tested yet, it should work. From the color settings page, set the color for the whichever attribute in the base object (the color settings screen won't return data spaces, but you look for the appropriate base object). 
Is there any update here? I have a customer needing to be able to use this functionality.

Reaching out to see any update on this? With the new Horizon Analytics, we still dont see this. Any update where this is on the road map would be helpful.




Horizon Analytics directly works on the SFDC object. What this means is you should be able to select an SFDC object and assign the colors you desire and it should be visible in the report. 

Let me know if this helps.

Hi Rakesh,

Data space is in GS, it’s not a SFDC object. If you get what I am saying. We tried do change colors for CTA status in SFDC object and we saw HA report was not utilizing it.