CTA rule due date can be formulated off of another date (aka contract sign date) instead of just the rule date

Ability to set a CTA due date off of another date (aka term start date or contract sign date) instead of just the rule date.  

Example: I want to set up a Quarterly Biz Review CTA for month 5 of the clients annual term. However, since I am just setting this up today, I don't want it to run for all historical clients (aka creating overdue CTA's for clients who signed up over 5 months ago) so I set the rule start date to 5 months back. Since I want to CTA due date to be 5 months from the contract sign date, I can set the due date to 145 days from rule date, but that makes every new client who signed up in the past 5 months, to have their QBR for 5 months from today (the day I run the rule, and not 5 months from their contract start date) 
I agree, being able to set the dues date based on another date would be helpful.

The work around I used when first getting things setup was to add a criteria to the Rule that Created Date had to be greater than a specific date, for example the current date. This way the rule would not apply to previous customers or those added en mass to get things started. Hope that makes sense.
Hi Bryce,

Thanks for the interesting idea. We will definitely consider this and keep you updated about the progress.


+1 I was speaking with a customer this week who is also very interested in customizing the CTA due date to be based off a date other than rule date.

This enhancement will be available soon, tentatively spring release.


Is there any update here, when will this feature be available?
Hi Jame,

We have this in our roadmap and plan to take it up soon, not sure about ETA as there are other things thats keeping the team busy. Will share an update once we decide on ETA.



Any update on this?  Is this available now?

Hi Rob,

Unfortunately not yet. I will let you know once we have any updates on this.

@aditya_marla I have another customer asking about this. Hopefully we can get a timeframe on roadmap prioritization for this, even if it is not an immediate priority. Thanks for your patience and help!

I’ve had a couple customers ask about having Due Dates be based off another date field rather than the Rule Date (e.g. Due Date = Launch Date)


Nice Idea. My vote :ballot_box: for this feature.


+1, it would be great to have this ability

@sai_ram this has a bunch of votes and is 5 years old, is there any update on this? I’d also add that it should be possible in JO programs for CTA creation as well as rules.

@bradleymcg apologies, I will sync with product team and get back to you on this

@bradleymcg This is definitely something we are trying to address and is added as a part of our roadmap (this will be solved either this quarter or early next).