CTA Field must be editable to be used in Rules, but then the value can be changed in the CTA

Posting for a customer.


The use case is that they are wanting to use a CTA field in a rule additional field to assign a default a value but the only way to accomplish this is to make the field editable.

The issue is that if the field is editable then the CSM or end user is able to change the default value.


A workaround is: You are able to change the field back to un-editable to resolve the issue if the rule is only fired once, but for a scheduled rule this does not work.


Is it possible to allow the fields to be added in the rule and set a default value, but not be editable where the end user can change the value?

I was literally just searching for how other people have dealt with this situation, so I’m glad to see it was just requested by someone else.

I can use the workaround this time, but it would be great if all CTAs fields can be tokenised in the Setup Action page in Rules Engine even if they’re not editable by end-users in their Cockpit.



I would also love to see this. We use custom fields and would love to be able write a specific ID to be referenced later in a DD job. Or add the function to be able to make fields hidden?