CTA detail view for linked objects- respecting record type limitations on picklist (and other places)

This is going to be a doozy, but we need to come up with a way to respect the picklist values when its reading data from a specific record.  Within SFDC, the only way you can restrict picklist values is through Record Types (Opportunity, Case, Account, etc).  When our customers set up these restrictions, it is often because they are working with a legacy system.  It could also be that they have to manage multiple types of engagements for different teams but want a unified reporting system.

This idea is focused on the CTA Detail View for when we add a linked object record to that CTA (although it could apply to other parts of the product).  Today, when a customer pulls that linked record into the CTA, say an Opportunity record, and displays field level information, say Stage, it is going to show the entire picklist set of options that SFDC has.  However, if the user was on the actual record in native SFDC, they would only see the allowed picklist options.

While there are some workarounds I came up with to get around this, the two big issues I have run up against are:

  1. It's not a real time update, as you would need a rule to write data from one field to another
  2. If there are multiple picklists, across multiple objects, this becomes cumbersome to manage and will generally require a SFDC admin's time, which is not always feasible
Would love to discuss further.

+1, we just ran into this issue while trying to use Linked Objects for our risk alert process. We have risk-related fields that live on the SFDC Opportunity and were hoping to use the Linked Object functionality to allow CSMs to create new risks and update these SFDC fields directly from Gainsight.

Gainsight is currently showing all picklist values which is not what we would expect given the dependencies set in SFDC. As a result, our CSMs will still have to go to SFDC to update these fields. 

Update: Gainsight does prompt an error message when you try to pick a value that isn’t allowed per the dependencies in Gainsight but this is still not ideal:


I would also suggest updating the Linked Object support article to make this limitation more apparent. 

Team - This is a necessary addition and one we are very dependent on. Currently, we have CTAs based on outreach campaigns in a certain task record type. Gainsight is showing all of the many picklist values (not the restricted values based on this record type) and it is very cumbersome to go through and try to find the 5 relevant statuses that must be selected. 


We are testing this out with a campaign that has ~60 CTAs but are loading an 8K CTA campaign in several weeks and are already getting many complaints and confusion from seeing all picklist values.


Valid problem. We are looking into solving this while we don’t have an exact timeline yet. Thanks.

+1 on this… want to make it so that CSMs can manage their stages of an opportunity right thru the CTA… however, it’s showing ALL stages and not respecting the restrictions set for that opportunity type.

CSMs are then needing to go into SF to update stages.


appreciate any interim workarounds to this as well.