CTA creation at CSD level and attachment to multiple accounts

Need the ability to have CTA's that can be assigned at the CSD level, vs the account level. For example, reminder CTA to have them update all their Health Score and Contact info (without them getting numerous CTA's for every account in portfolio). Similarly, need to be able to attach/link a CTA (or milestone) to more than one account. Use case here is that the CSD is creating documentation that applies to multiple accounts, and has to (currently) manually attach it to each account.
Great suggestion. There are situations where the CTA is a notification or reminder to the user and isn't specific to an account. The more the cockpit is the actual center of a CSMs work load, the more important it is that all tasks can be reflected there.

One recent example for us was to identify customers that we want to flag and then follow up with. Each CSM needed to look at their accounts and pick 3-5 customers.

Another that comes to mind is the inevitable "please review this report and take action as needed" task, which I am still having to do through email. How cool would it be to be able to push a CTA with the link and know exactly who had done it and who hadn't?
I'd like to echo this idea. Many companies now have an advocacy manager, who could easily benefit from using Gainsight. This role often has tasks that are not related to a specific account, and therefore this type of functionality would make it easier to use Gainsight to track all tasks (not just the ones related to a specific account). As a work around we were thinking about setting up a "dummy" account to associate with all "general" tasks.
Thanks a ton for sharing your respective use cases! We are currently discussing this internally to see how Cockpit can evolve to support this and more. Please keep the examples coming.
While the workaround mentioned by Irit is valid if you want to assign 1 CTA to 1 user for generic tasks, it does not satisfy the need to assign 1 CTA to 50+ SMs at once. There is still no ability to create a CTA and assign it to all of your SMs. 
The workaround we use is we have an account with our own company name.  We then can hang any internal CTAs off of this.