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Can there be a CTA called Notes? I create a CTA / Event or Opportunity to keep all of my notes when working with a customer. I do this so that anyone that looks at the account can read those notes in SFDC & Gainsight. The task date is set for like a year away. The Note won't be closed out unless the customer leaves.
Hi Sherry,

Have you had the chance to try out the Gainsight feature Timeline, located on Customer 360, for your note taking? I was in a similar situation as you, trying to find out the best way to capture notes within Gainsight. When Gainsight released Timeline I finally had the capability to take notes in real time and tie them to the Gainsight Customer 360 so everyone has the most up to date information when viewing an account or relationship. I would encourage you to read the following article around the feature and let me know if this would be beneficial.



Easton Taylor
I need the NOTES to show up in Salesforce as well so that the Sales Reps will know when / what I am working with the customers on. The Sales Reps don't have Gainsight. 
Perfect. Timeline syncs to SFDC automatically. Below is a quote from the link.

"If your organization uses an external note taking solution, such as

Evernote, the Timeline feature is a good alternative, since the info is

visible to all GS users in the C360, can be synced automatically with

SFDC, and is searchable."
As far as I know, we don't have an external note take solution. It would be great if I could enter on the C360 and the notes were shown in SFDC. 
Timeline is your answer Sherry! I would review the article I shared with you and let us know if you any additional questions.
Thanks for jumping in, Easton! Yes, Sherry, Timeline is the perfect solution. I just talked to Tracy F about this and will send her more information today, as it sounds like your team could leverage it to maintain notes and enable visibility to others in SFDC.
Thanks Tracy, I tested the timeline notes but they don't show up in SFDC. I'll go back later and re-read the article that Easton sent me. Thanks for your help. 
I'll send Ray instructions on syncing Timeline to SFDC and copy you, Sherry. Thanks for bringing this up!
Sherry, here is the article with the configuration steps needed to enable Timeline to SFDC Activity History sync: https://support.gainsight.com/Product_Documentation/Customers_and_Relationships/Admin_Configuration/...

And some handy FAQs too: https://support.gainsight.com/Product_Documentation/Customers_and_Relationships/Overview/C360_Timeli...

As you can tell - we love timeline over here. 🙂
Sorry, I should have been more specific. I don't want it to go to Activity History. I just use it to keep a running log in the Active Activities of SFDC. That way you only have 1 note to sort all through all of the activities / touches