CRON expressions options within Journey Orchestrator - Sync schedule settings

I would like to request the ability to add CRON expressions for same day recurring syncs within Journey Orchestrator program schedule settings. We are currently utilizing multiple programs and/or queries to accomplish this as a work around but it would be great if this were built it.  Even if not CRON expressions, but to have a way to have a program sync on a schedule more than one time per day.

I second this motion. As bi-weekly or bi-monthly is harder to do. I would have to create 2 different JOs in order to accomplish this which is a waste and difficult to get data analytics on. 

CRON expression would make this easier.



We have had to use the tedious events framework as a workaround for this limitation. The ability to have a program send more than once per day via Chron expressions would greatly simplify configurations and add to better AQOL. :slight_smile:

Hello All,
Thanks for bringing this up, I will add this to roadmap of of JO redesign. 

Hey @chethana 


How are you? Thank you for the A/B testing session. I understand this better and look forward to finding uses case for my org. Wondering if there is any update on the Cron expression for this features?


Darshana Shah



Wanting to bring this thread back to life.  This has come up time and time again.  Especially with how much we rely on JO at our Company.

The request to increase the frequency of certain JO’s is a popular request.  Especially when a there is a lot of activity in our Salesforce instance that triggers the JO’s.  While there is a ‘work around’, it’s not ideal by any means.