Creating timeline activity via rules?

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One more interesting use case in timeline, most of the customers are interested in creating time line activity via rules.
Out of curiosity, what kinds of events would people want to create via rules? Part of the appeal of Timeline is that it is human generated activities of high value and provide a better "signal to noise" ratio from SFDC activity history. I don't think we want Timeline to become a place where there are many automated processes creating entries as it could get very cluttered that way.

Just my 2 cents.
Few use-case which I know are -

1. They want to bring in meetings/ touches cross-functional teams had with the customer in timeline. So that CSMs don't have to refer two systems to go through all customer touches and everything about the customer is available in Gainsight timeline. 

2. They want to add milestones like lifecycle stage change in timeline. This overlaps with 'Load to Milestone' but eventually the plan is to make milestone an activity type.

3. Bring in historic notes from salesforce, evernote, onenote, etc. in timeline.
Another use case is for transitioning accounts between CSMs. It'd be nice to be able to mass update the CSM field in SFDC / Gainsight and the mark that activity on the Timeline as an update. 
Are there any updates on this? Will we be able to use Rules to Load SFDC activity onto the Timeline?

This is definitely on the roadmap but will be available post 3-4 releases. I will communicate the ETA once it is decided.


Thank you for your reply! 🙂 I'll keep an eye out for your updates
Hi Nitisha - Do we have an updated ETA on this? A few customers are asking for it - big fan of the idea. Thank you!
+1 to this request.

It would be great feature to help us integrate important emails into Timeline (rather than having the CSM copy and paste). Right now, we use LinkPoint to auto-log Emails into SFDC Activity History. So, it would be great if we could use rules to populate the important emails into Timeline for CSMs. The extra clicks of copying and pasting the email notes into Timeline can be cumbersome. 
Any update on being able to run a rule to add activity to the Timeline? Our team is will be adding product feedback to Timeline. However, historically this has been logged in google sheets but we would like to add it to the Timeline so we can report on it and remove the google sheet process all together.
Echoing that this is a MUCH needed feature. (Along with the ability to bcc timeline and see the roll-up view for an account on the c360 page!) There are activities that we'd like to record for awareness and visibility!
Adding to this request as well 

We could capture a lot of valuable data with this feature 
Hi Nitisha,

Any updates to this one?


I don't have an update, but just wanted to remind folks to please vote for the idea if it's important to you! Thanks 🙂
Just adding my voice that the ability to put information on the timeline in an automated fashion (e.g. via rules) would be very useful for us.  Currently we log our Meaningful Interactions (across the org - PM, Support, Sales etc.) via SFDC as tasks.  We can't move to Timeline without giving every user a Gainsight license which doesn't make sense just for this one use case.  Even if we wanted to all of our applicable tasks would need to be pulled over somehow.

In my view, until there's more ways to automatically populate the timeline it's not really that useable in the broad sense (i.e. across the org) - just for the CSM role.
+1 for this!!
+ 1 for this - very important to our requirements!
Our CSMs manage their own base of accounts, then Tech Touch manages the rest. I'd like to be able to log a timeline activity for any Tech Touch 1:Many outreaches. I don't believe that's an available option using Journey Orchestrator, so this idea could resolve my issue. Current state is that it will appear as though a portion of our Customer base is not receiving outreach.

Would like to be able to use rules to automatically add specific email communications that get delivered to our clients (eg. Black Friday/Cyber Monday Performance Summary that was delivered to our HT/LT segments). That outreach was created/managed by the CSM team so being able to see it in Timeline would be great transparency for our executive team to see.

+1 seems straightforward. Here are my use cases:

-As part of a QBR, automatically create a timeline entry.

-Use case #2, if specific email is opened or clicked, track in timeline.


I would like to create Timeline activities to log survey responses (we use Qualtrics so it would be nice to record the responses in Timeline without our CSMs having to copy/paste)

I would also like to create Timeline activities to log Sponsor Tracking updates.

This is required for us to autmatically update the CSM field within Timeline Activties so that it is one less manual entry for our CSM's. Is there an update on this yet or when this will be coming out, ETA? Thank you!

Hi Amanda,

Can you expand on your use case a little more? Are you looking to change the CSM assignment field based on a Timeline Activity entry? Or something different?

Hi Dan,

We were looking to have the CSM field auto populate into the Timeline Activity from the Attributes page, both R360 and C360. Does that help?

Sort of. I'm curious as to the workflow where you'd want to capture the CSM field on every interaction with the customer. Typical data that you'd capture with a Timeline entry might be customer sentiment temp, type of discussion, duration of the call, etc. These would be variables that would change from activity to activity entry. What is the added value of having the CSM field on a Timeline activity entry since that data is available elsewhere in the system?

@dan_ahrens we would like to have this feature as it will minimize the manual entry of this field in the timeline, if the field auto populates based on the CSM on the account this minimizes manual entry and possible error if someone other than the CSM is entering the timeline update.