Creating Surveys with Tokens

I want to be able to create surveys with tokenized merge fields within the questions that customize the survey to each client completing it. 
Example: when creating a Survey we want to be able to pull in fields such as {{Customer_Success_Rep_Name}} to the actual Survey question. Right now it can be done in the copy within the email that is sent, but not in the actual meat of the survey questions. So, for question #1 of a survey to gauge the customer's relationship with their CSM, we want the question to read: "How has your Experience been with your Success rep, John, been?" And the name would be dynamic based on pulling the relevant rep for each account in, same way it does for the email template.
Hi Brittany and Angela,

Thanks for awesome idea around tokenizing Survey Questions, We definitely have this on our roadmap and release is still TBD.
+1 on this idea!
Just to add to this, we use CoPilot to email a survey link to our customers at the close of each support case. The email template includes tokens for the case number, case subject and closed date. We would like to carry these tokens over to the survey. That way, when a customer responds to the survey, we can easily tell which support case he/she is referring to in the survey. Currently, we have to manually review support cases to tie to survey results. Please let me know if this is still on the roadmap or if there is any kind of workaround.


Hi Steve,

Thanks for reaching out to us, We are currently drafting requirements on Survey link tokenization where you will be allowed to pass two parameters to Survey url and these two values will be visible in Survey CTA that is created from Survey.

This particular feature will be tentatively available in October release. I will update this thread with actual release date soon
This is so cool, Praneet!
Thanks, Praneet. I look forward to this feature.
Great news Praneet! Thank you for the update.
Hey Praneet - any update on link tokenization? Still tentatively planned for October?
Hi Andy,

Please find below details around link tokenization.

In Survey you will be allowed to associate SFDC/MDA object, lets consider case object. After associating this object, when this survey to email template in order to use in a outreach that has power list built on case object. It will ask to map token field for survey i.e. sfdc record id.

Now once the survey is responded this field will be added to participant record and will display in survey detailed response page also it will be added to email logs.

If we want to display case related details in CTA, we need to link object in CTA layout and configure fields that are required to show up in CTA.

Now when a CTA is created it will start displaying Case related fields that have been configured as part of layout.

This particular feature is slated for Fall/November release of Gainsight, please let me know if you think the above solution will solve your use case of closed loop.
Thanks Praneet, I reviewed with our Admin and this sounds like it meets our needs. Look forward to testing it out! 

Any update on being able to use tokens in the survey questions themselves?
Hi Brittany,

This is planned for the roadmap. I will let you know the details regarding the same soon.


Abhishek S
This would be great for us as well -- are there any updates on when this is expected?
Abhishek: will this be in the Winter release?
We would also like to see this option. We have similar use cases to what has been stated, such as CSM name and product name inside a matrix question.
When is this feature getting onboarded ?
Any update here?
Hi All,

Iam happy to inform you that we are working on this use case and starting off with the use case of allowing you to define logic for displaying a question using company, relationship, company person (contact) attributes within Survey 2.0 .

Please check the below video for a hypothetical use case -

Amazon sends a survey to its customers for satisfaction of three of its products and wants to gather feedback only from customers who have purchased their products.

So, for each question asking for product satisfaction, a check is done to see if the customer has purchased the product or not. At run time, the check is done and the survey only shows the questions which are applicable to the survey respondent. 

Please note that this does not have the use case of replacing a question with tokens yet but we want to address it in the future.


In Survey 2.0 you can add tokens in the questions. For more information refer here.

Thank you!


In survey 2.0 I know we can add tokens to questions and email templates in JO. I would like to tokenize the headings or directions. For example, please answer survey for X product (with X tokenized to the product the recipient subscribes to). Would anyone else have a use case for this or another suggestion to get to the same place?