creating a custom formula to compute NPS surveys in Gainsight

Hello- we use an outside source (CustomerGauge) to compute our NPS scores. We have successfully transferred these survey results into Gainsight but it seems to be averaging the NPS scores under the customer 360 view. Is there a way to compute the scores differently under the customer view? For example, we would like the score to be computed as - promoters MINUS detractors DIVIDED by number of survey results. 
Hi Kerry!  You can accomplish this.  Here's how I would set it up:

1.  Create 3 custom fields on the Customer Info object (# of Detractors, # of Promoters and # of Passives).  You will populate those fields via the Rules Engine.  Here's how the rule would be set up.

And the actions:

Once you have that, you could then make a formula field on the Customer Info object that calculates NPS.  See below for what I did:

((of_Promoters__c /( of_Detractors__c + of_Passives__c + of_Promoters__c )) - (of_Detractors__c / (of_Detractors__c + of_Passives__c + of_Promoters__c)))*100

Let me know if this solves the use case you're looking to accomplish.

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Thank you!