Create User Cohorts from Generated Charts (Amplitude's Microscope Feature)

Hi everyone,

Our suggestion is to add features which would make the charts from the Analytics part of PX more useful and interactive. One of the most valuable features would be adding the option to click a “Create Cohort” button or at least a “Download the list of users and their attributes” button when hovering on a chart.

To be more precise, what we are mainly missing in PX Analytics is something like Amplitude’s Microscope feature. The above described would look like this:


And additional information about the mentioned feature can be found on the following page:

Couldn’t agree more. Currently there’s no easy and fast way to get to the list of users which for example came to some step in the Path Analyzer to look at their behavior more closely.

Hey @bostojic and @dorian_cudina thank you for your post.  Looping in our Product Manager to look into your suggestion and see what best can be done. 


Hello @dorian_cudina , @bostojic 
Happy to share that a similar capability is in the works and you should be seeing it in one of our near term releases. Thank you for sharing :)