Create timeline activity from CTA

There're automated and self created CTA's where I would like to make a timeline activity for upon closure. Today I need to close the CTA, then go to C360 and create manually an activity.

It would be more efficient if there's an option upon closure of a CTA that gives you the choice to create an Activity in the C360 timeline. Maybe immediate redirection to an “ + activity” screen or

maybe pop-up screen at closure of a CTA.

100% agree that CTAs should show up in the Timeline upon closure.  At my org, I'd like to have [i]all closed CTAs show up in Timeline but I recognize that may not be the case for every GS Customer but I'd love to have the ability, as admin, to have all CTAs automatically appear in timeline at close.  

Slightly off topic, but scorecard comments should automatically log on timeline as well.
I agree this would be helpful.
Great comments!  Adding a couple of thoughts and follow-up questions below.


  • We do have plans to connect Scorecard comments to Timeline, so that all commentary goes to the same place. 
  • For automated score changes, it won't be complicated to post the score change + comments explaining why. 
  • For manual changes, however, a score change and adding comments may not happen together. So capturing simultaneously is potentially tricky, but may not be that critical.
  • For scenarios where you might be logging a meeting you just had with the customer and want to make a score change based on how everything went, it could be valuable to connect the processes more tightly. I know that some folks use a sentiment field and then have that influence a score.

  1. We are planning to bring Timeline into CTAs. What this means is that you'd be able to post activities directly from within a CTA. We'd capture the CTA context for you and then bubble everything up to the Customer Timeline.
  2. So when we say all CTAs should show up on the Timeline upon closure, are we thinking what's already covered in #1 or something more like what we do with Milestones? Please note that, eventually, Milestones would also be available on the Timeline.

To link CTAs to Timeline as you describe would be great. I assume we'll still be able to edit them?

We are still working on the exact UX, but you can imagine having a mini-Timeline available inside the CTA detail view. You can then add/edit as you do in the current version. The idea here is to let you log multiple types of activities from within a CTA, so that you know what all actually happened as you worked through a particular scenario/situation.
I like the idea of presenting the user with the option to "Add to Timeline" or even set at an admin level as an option. One of the challenges with Timeline is how to make sure the 'signal to noise' ratio is tuned correctly. Too many automated updates can make it harder to find those important historical interactions.
Exactly, upon closure should be an option if you want to add it to the C360 Timeline or not.
I know we can use rules engine to create milestones when CTAs close-- having the ability to create an activity when CTAs close would satisfy for me.  I just feel like until we are pulling closed CTAs into timeline, it's not providing the full picture of what's going on with a client.  Until we have this functionality, I don't see Timeline making much sense at my org.
Hi Manu,

do you have an update on this? Is it something that is on the roadmap?



100% Agree, it is important to link a CTA to a timeline activity.

I agree - CTAs and Timelin Activities should be connected.

I​ fully support this idea too!

In one of the previous release, we have released a feature where you can create a Timeline Entry’s from the CTA itself


Marking this as partially fixed because as Phani says above, you can now create a Timeline activity from a CTA. However, the original request was upon closure of a CTA, present the choice to create an Activity.

+1 for automating the creation of timeline activities when a CTA is completed.