Create multiple CTAs from Timeline Activity

Currently, all tasks added to a Timeline Activity are combined under one CTA. When discussing multiple topics in a customer meeting, for example, it would be useful to be able to create multiple CTAs directly from the meeting notes in the Timeline Activity.

Hello @Jef Vanlaer, thank you for posting on Community. I very well understand that this enhancement could help your teams. Looping in our Product Manager to look into this idea and share their thoughts and roadmap if possible.

@Cornelia It would be really helpful to have this, and more general flexibility in the creation of CTAs from timeline (and in general). Having to create these with no other details creates extra work for our CSMs to go back to cockpit and clean up/modify what they set up from a timeline activity. Additionally, putting in the ability to comment on a task so that someone could see progress was made, without it being run into one long description would be ideal. Happy to provide any additional details.

I’m reading the original post as “tasks section of the timeline entry needs to be more robust” and we agree.

With that in mind, I’d like to add if the process to create the “task” from the timeline entry allowed for editing the CTA that’s created.

  1. Today, we create a task from the timeline entry and the To-Do CTA is created with no Category, Reason etc filled in so CMSs have to go back to the new To-Do CTA and edit,
  2. This creates extra work to keep the tasks/CTA in line and does create some inconsistencies in reporting.

I see the opportunity to expand the “tasks” section of the timeline entry to include the ability to:

  1. Align tasks into multiple CTAs
  2. Edit the To-Do CTA inline as the timeline entry (draft To-Do CTA?)
  3. If the timeline entry is not logged, the draft CTA(s) are closed/deleted based on Admin configuration (default can be deleted).
  4. Allow configuration of To-Do CTAs within the Tasks Configuration page.
    1. Inherit fields from timeline entry (mapped fields)
    2. Associate Objects / Records perhaps