Create dependent survey questions - add hover help text or textual link

My co-worker and I are having troubles finding how to add dependent questions...  it would be helpful if you added some help / hover text over the link image, or add some text next to the link image so that it is a bit easier to tell how to add a dependent question. Thanks!
Hi Alicia, Thanks for the helpful feedback about hover text. Did you figure out how to setup dependent questions? This article contains info under the Question Linking section:

I did find out how to add dependent questions - thanks for the link, though! I appreciate your quick reply.

I am not able to create 2 levels dependency. e.g. if question 1 is yes then show all questions and then if q3 is yes then q 4 is visible. Could we put this as an improvement on this?

mei ling
Hi Mei Ling,

Yes, I believe that would require an enhancement to Survey functionality.