Create an option to "Export all Reports" from the C360 sections that are based off of created report

We have a few sections that we have created in the C360 section that house a series of reports that highlight different information. It would be great to have an option to export all the reports within that C360 section into a single csv doc with multiple tabs. This would simplify our ability to export and then send to the customer.
Hi Samantha,

This is a valid use case. We will see how we can make this possible and I will update the thread here.

Alternately , there is one more use case which we are working on to help share information with your customers in the form of external layouts. More details here -

Let me know your thoughts.


Abhishek S
I do not have a need for the portal but absolutely need to be able to export ALL C360 sections I have created in a PDF for reporting to other persons in my org.