Create a timeline activity from the rules engine that is NOT a milestone

Hi Team,


Currently from rules we can create activities only for milestone type , In our road map do we have any possibility to give the option to create for other activity types as well ?

Hi @sandeepchidiri  Thanks for sharing this feedback. We don’t have an immediate plan to support this as the team is occupied with other High-Priority items.


would it be possible to add this to the roadmap, as a long term plan?

In our timeline we want to log support tickets (our customers only log about 5-10 per year), if the customer would log two at the same day only one will appear in the timeline since the key when adding milestones is Company, Milestone Type and Activity Date, not Activity DateTIME.




@DavidT We will look into the possibilities of adding this feature and will keep you posted about the status.

Any update on this?
This would be very usefull for us to log futur meetings automatically in the timeline.