Create a multi selection lookup field in Success Plan


I’d like to create a new field for my Success Plans, and it should contain 2 or more users/contacts from the customer company or even my company.

I’ve been able to create a single contact one, but not with more people in it. To clarify, it’s like the Internal/External Attendees field we have in Tasks details.


I believe this would be a great add to the tool


I believe this would be considered a multivalued field with lookup to Company Person (or User if for internal)

@Ester.Memoli and @john_apple custom field which holds multiple values is not yet supported in Gainsight and Salesforce. I think these has to build and adopt in product. 


Thank you for raising the feature idea. The use case is clear. More upvotes will help prioritise the feature in future roadmaps.

This would also be beneficial for our team. With the new horizon success plan view we are now unable to navigate to the Person tabto view the contacts name that needs applied within success plan details. With the new horizon success plan view we must exit out of the success plan, navigate to Person, and navigate back into the success plan to continue updating the drafted plan.

Hey @haleylund thank you for your post. We will have the Product Manager look into this suggestion and circle back to you with an update.

We are looking for a way to select multiple stakeholders (people) for a success plan.  Prior to horizon there was the ability to use the associated person field to select more than one person.  Currently, we have to create a new field for person name and create a rule to populate that field.  This also limits us to only one person per objective or sp.