Create a mobile-friendly Gainsight or mobile app

I’d love a Gainsight Admin mobile app or mobile device friendly version of the browser interface. I work on my iPad Pro regularly, but am limited in what I can do with rules, reports, and other administrative functions.
Hey Ben, 

Gainsight for mobile has been something we have thought about multiple times, but are unsure of what use case would make it valuable for GS admins. Would love to connect with you sometime to learn some cases where a mobile app you augment your day-to-day workflow efficiencies. 
That would be great! In short, I am both the strategic leader of our Customer Success team and the Gainsight admin (for now). Thus, I sometimes have to switch hats while away from my MacBook Pro laptop and only have my iPhone or iPad.

An example request/question would be: "can I make a report and dashboard of NPS by X/Y/Z criteria for 2018? This is for the Executive Team". 

Obviously, I would like to action that request immediately, even if I only have my iPad. But drag and drop functionality does not work well on a mobile device, which is needed when making a Dashboard in Gainsight. 

Happy to talk further or think of other examples. Essentially, I am seeking the ability to do the majority (not necessarily all) of my work in the Gainsight backend while away from my primary machine.
Thank you, Ben, for taking time to chat with us over a call. Making web pages responsive and mobile device friendly is one of our goals at Gainsight. 

As with any cross feature/ platform projects, these changes take the time we set UI and design standards for the product. We are taking up work in chunks and will keep you posted when we have something more concrete to share. 
+1 on this request.  While a mobile app is highly request for our CSM's that do heavy travel - as an ADMIN this would be awesome!  

It would great to know what are some of operations/ actions that you envision performing on the mobile app as Admin? 
Hi Pawan!  From the basics of being able to reset someone, to generating reporting - to reviewing rules.

Hello all!   I would like to chime in here that I’m also a self-proclaimed iPad Pro (11-inch) power user!  I take it on many of my errands in lieu of my work laptop, and have many of the basics I need for work on it (Teams, Outlook, JIRA/Confluence, and Safari).   For me, as someone working in PX, is that I’m perfectly fine working from within Safari but there are parts of the PX admin interface that simply aren’t responsive for mobile Safari.  Adding to the craziness, I spend much of my time using Stage Manager with multiple active windows (partly because I “dock” my iPad Pro to a KVM switch at my desk at home).   This further reduces the DOM area for Safari.   Observe an example of the widgets on a dashboard…

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