Create a built-in Usage and scoring metric based on Activity History and/or Tasks

 Goal: Provide insight into the frequency of activity and interaction with Contacts at an account and internal team members. 

Create a preconfigured rule to perform the following calculations to compose a prebuilt "Interaction" Score for each Account. 

* Examine the Activities object. Count the number of Activities for each week and create a relative score for the Account. 

* Offer an option to push the count of Activities into the Usage object

* While not all companies will be logging their emails into SFDC, I'm sure quite a few are. 

* This could be extended to Tasks - many teams do use SFDC tasks, and though there could be some false positives due to mixing in the Sales persona, it is still a nice indicator for "Touch" at an account.

* The only feasible option today is to create a calculated field to come up with a monthly calculation, but obviously you won't have trend.
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