Copy Rule Tasks


I am not sure if this idea has been brought forth, when I am constructing rules, I often need to either reuse the same task for whatever reason.

I wished we have the ability to copy tasks in Bionic Rules without having to recreate the whole task object.  A good example of this is when I am looking at CTA’s and trying to determine where they are or what criteria we want to use to trigger future CTA’s or close the ones that are already open.

@Ricardogs18 thank you for your feedback. Product team is working on the rule revamp, so redirecting this to the product team. 

Hi @Ricardogs18, there is a similar existing post for this: 


Thank you @spencer_engel, it is yelling at me: “You are not authorized to access this page.”

Thank you @spencer_engel, it is yelling at me: “You are not authorized to access this page.”

Ah, I’m sorry. Looks like that post is internal only.

Hi Ricardo,

As a part of our Medium-term roadmap, we are looking at several improvements to how the data prep is done for the Rules engine. We want to have a consistent and powerful experience for our customers. One of the items as we go through this initiative is “Design Templates” (FKA Task Library) where you can create a template of a bunch of tasks and drag and drop the template to jumpstart the prep experience. 

Let me know how that sounds!

@rakesh would this apply to JO queries as well?

Yes @ana_g