Copy/Paste into Rules Fields

It’s incredibly painful that I cannot copy or paste into a rules field.  When you’re dealing with hundreds of tenants across various segments, it’s not fun to have to manually do this when groups need to move.  

@alb From where are you trying to copy and what kind of fields?

Otherwise, we support copy/paste from a csv file, also if your groups are repeatable or have common attributes, you can use “Segment”.


Cannot cut or copy or paste in any of these types of fields.

Hi @alb ,


Except for the number type fields, rest all fields support pasting multiple unique values at once.

However, you cannot copy them from PX UI, you can have the values in CSV format, and paste them at once in all the required segment rules


Here is the small video




Dileep Nalla

Hi Dileep, I think you just validated my concerns.

I cannot copy from one segment to another.

Can only paste from a comma-delimited list, but I can’t export my existing list so that’s useless.  This is a poor user experience.

Thanks again for listening!

@alb nice little enhancement is coming your way next week


A new Copy to clipboard button is available in the Audience Rules Section of Engagements with today’s product release. When you click this button, all the values inserted in the rule are copied. You can paste the values into the Audience section of another engagement. This feature is also available in the Segment Rules.