Copilot: Trigger emails by CSM timezone

We have CSMs all over the world, but our power lists are scheduled to run in the morning, NA Eastern time.  In other regions, it looks like our CSMs are sending out emails in the middle of the night, which sets a bad precedent and definitely removes the "personal touch" feeling.

Would be great to have a lookup to the CSM/GS User timezone, and hold back outreaches until business hours for that timezone so it looks more realistic.
Isn't it the other way? Don't you want the email to go to contacts in Japan on 8 AM irrespective of the where the CSM is working from.

I get the personal touch part but the contact anyway knows that these are automated emails right? 
Our CSMs are located in the region with their customers in majority of cases. If a personalized email signed by a CSM comes in at 2AM it can be very apparent it is an automated email OR could present the notion that CSM is a 24x7 resource. An option to send from CSM during the CSMs business hours will be valuable to us for global expansion.