CoPilot Follow Up feature pull from the same object of the original PowerList

When I create a follow up powerlist from a CoPilot the follow up list pulls from a completely separate object than what my original powerlist was created from. The reason why I create a powerlist on different objects is to use TAGs to send the emails from those employees and in the signature line. Because the follow up powerlist is on a totally different object I no longer have access to sending a similar template from the same employee to the customer. I am only able to send from the customer or account itself which makes not sense. Doesn't make sense as a customer to get an email from myself to take a survey for a company. 
Another option is to manually input a group email address and group name in the From Name and From Email fields. For example, some of our customer emails are sent from "Gainsight Customer Success" with the email address "". 

We're working on addressing this limitation in our documentation, and the product team hears your feedback too. Thanks for posting!
Yes that is an option to use a Global

email address but it is not as personalized as the original output. Also how

would I get that global email to show up in the outreach because it is not on

the object that the follow up is created on?

I definitely understand the global option is not as personalized. But if you wanted to input a group name or email address that's not available in the drop-down menus, you would just type it into these fields directly:

Here's what the resulting email looks like:

I see what you mean. that is an option. 
I am dealing with the same issue, however I am trying to create a CTA for a follow up phone call when an email goes unread for a period of time.  I get all the way to the CTA action, and I cannot assign it to the person who sent the email, because the CSM field is not available in the email matrix data container.

Our intent was to contact by phone only when an email contact is not sufficient, which could be a huge value added benefit to Gainsight, but not dice.  Does anyone know a workaround?  One that doesn't involve a group email address, since I cannot assign a CTA based off of this info.
are you using the rules engine to try to set up the CTA?
Yes, copilot email, rules for CTA.
So there is no possible way around this yet. Once Gainsight allows for reference IDs in MDA data you can do this with table joins in the MDA. BUT aside from that I know Gainsight product team is working on a similar user story that would allow us to create followups and CTAs based on the initial outreach but as far as I know there is no ETA yet. 
Ok, I figured out a way to do this. One manual step at this point, but it works.

Set your follow up email CTA, you have to assign it to a single person within the organization.  You can then use the mass edit feature to filter down to this specific CTA, reassign, and select the CSM field.  Click and done, all of the CTAs that were previously assigned to the individual are now properly assigned to the correct CSM.
Bummer on the manual step but that is genius! Great critical thinking Paul!
Same issue as well. The follow up excludes all the important from contact fields -- so it's basically useless. Now I have to:

1) export my email logs

2) join relevant contact fields

3) re-upload to MDA

4) create a brand new outreach called "Follow Up - ...."
Well that does not sounds like fun. I know the team is well aware of this gap and are planning on enhancing in a future release. The followup would follow the one email contact all the way through from outreach in copilot to CTAs and phone calls. The same contact info would be available as well in the followups. So when this comes I'm sure we will all be much happier 🙂
We completely understand this limitation and have a major focus in the coming months to drastically improve the experience of this use case. In fact, in the next few weeks we'd love to have a product feedback meeting on this new capability - journeys, where the initial use case will be unified experience in sending email surveys via copilot and (multiple and conditional) follow ups. I'll sent an invite to people on this thread and other customers. Thanks
Hi Gaurav.  Do you have an ETA on this update?
Hi Scott, 

We are releasing Advanced Outreach i.e. sending email surveys via copilot and (multiple and conditional) follow ups for Spring release of Gainsight. It's slated to come out in last week of May.
Thanks Gaurav