CoPilot: Add multiple actions to an outreach (similar to rules)

It would be really helpful to be able to incorporate an IF-THEN-ELSE type of an approach to outreaches where you can send one of multiple templates within a given outreach.

For example, if I have three different onboarding emails, one for each engagement model, rather than create three separate outreaches it would be great to be able to do something like

Action 1: Send template A If Segment = HIGH TOUCH

Action 2: Send template B if Segment = LOW TOUCH and Contact Role != Admin

Action 3: Send template C if Segment = LOW TOUCH and Contact Role = Admin

Action 4: Send template D if Segment = TECH TOUCH

This would help streamline the list of outreaches and make them more managable.
Absolutely! We have this as a part of the roadmap along with the ability to combine this with other events like email from previous outreach is opened / clicked or not.
That's great to hear Sundar.  Any target ETA?
No ETA yet, its part of roadmap for first half of 2016 I general.
Hi Sundar -

The IF-THEN-ELSE type of an approach to outreaches will also be valuable to our localization efforts. We translate outreaches into 10 languages. With copilot today, each language requires its own power list, template and outreach. It would streamline the process if we had more robust logic which allowed us to design batch email outreaches that use this logic, as well as this idea for combining multiple languages into one template.


Would this planned functionality also allow us to create an outreach that sends a series of emails in a "chain"?  I have a series of 6 emails that I want to send over a period of time to new users.  I could create separate outreaches, and adjust the date filters for each one, but I'm afraid of accidentally picking someone up or dropping someone off in the middle of the series.  I'd like to be able to know that the same user will get the whole series in order. 

We currently have to use email logs in power lists when designing an automated journey for a contact.
Leanne - That would be possible with our planned enhancement.
Fantastic!  Do you have a more concrete ETA at this point?