Contacts in 360, hyperlink email addresses

In the Customer 360, within the Contacts section, contact details are displayed such as names and email addresses. It would be a huge timesaver if these email addresses were hyperlinks to start a new mail message to the contact, either with the local mail client or maybe CoPilot.
It is possible to show emails as hyperlinks that launch your mail client. You just need to create a new text formula field (formula below), and then add this field to the UI view/report you are displaying on Customer 360.

HYPERLINK("mailto:" & Email , Email)

Is there any plan to get this enabled automatically like the click to dial?
I worked on adding a new field with the formula Manu provided. The HYPERLINK formula has an additional parameter of a target, which is optional. If you do not specify a target, the link opens in a new browser window. So you get the new email window, but also a new browser tab. Unfortunately there in no parameter to disable this.

My husband is an HTML wizard, so he came up with a pure HTML string to set the formula field to:

"<a href='mailto:" & Email & "'>" & Email & "</a>"

It appears to be working.