Consolidate Bookmarks, Dashboards, My Reports, and Shared With Me


I cannot share views and filters of Audience and Accounts Explorer like I can the rest of the reports. I also have to manage two different locations for my favorite reports, not to mention a completely different favoriting mechanism for each. Dashboards also have their own favoriting and sharing mechansims.


The Bookmarks capability inside of the Audience and Accounts explorer is nice, but I'm not sure why it is a completely different system than My Reports and Shared With Me functionality that's in the Analytics section. I would recommend allowing Audience and Accounts reports to be saved to My Reports and shared via Share With Me, just like any other report. Ultimately removing the Bookmark feature. Similar to this, I would incorporate Dashboards here as well.


Simplified and unified interface. Fewer features to manage and maintain for PX team. Lower learning curve for users. More sharing capabilities.

Now that I think about it, might as well lump in the 3rd variant of favorites, Dashboards. This is yet another completely different favorite, saving, and sharing model than the other two. Will edit above post.

@alb valid points and great idea!

cc: @ciarapeter/ @mickey